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existing experimental data are reinterpreted as evidence for an Only one-third of respondents recognized chlamydia as an STI. The little Air Max Thea Black knowledge of STIs that was revealed was superficial. Few were aware that special services existed for STIs. OBJECTIVE: To compare very short scales for screening for depression with longer, widely used scales.METHODS: Eighty-seven patients over the age of 60 who were admitted to rehabilitation wards or were attending a day rehabilitation facility at a British teaching hospital were screened for depression using the 1-item mental health inventory, and the 4-item, 15-item and 30-item geriatric depression scales. The sensitivity, specificity, and areas under receiver operating characteristic curves were compared, with the diagnostic criteria for Nike Air Max 97 research of ICD-10 providing the criterion diagnosis of depressive episode.RESULTS: All the scales had comparable sensitivity (82.4-100%), specificity (60.0-71.4%), and positive predictive values (33.3-42.9%). Comparison of receiver operating characteristic curves for each scale showed no statistically significant difference between them (range 0.80-0.88).CONCLUSIONS: The very short scales performed just as well as the widely used longer screening scales in this population. The growing public concerns over chemical residues in animal-derived foods and threats of antibiotic-resistant bacteria have renewed interest in exploring safer alternatives to chemical feed additives in ruminant livestock. Various bioactive phytochemicals including saponins appear to be potential 'natural' alternatives to 'chemical' additives in modulating rumen fermentation favourably and animal performance. Saponins are a diverse group of glycosides present in many families of plants. 2008 Apr; 8(4):69-71; author reply W3-4. An alternative strategy for resolving ethical dilemmas in rural healthcare. [Am J Bioeth. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to compare patients' expressions of emotional cues and concerns, and GPs' responses during consultations with and without informal interpreters. Furthermore, informal interpreters' expression of emotional cues and concerns and their responses were examined too.METHODS: Twenty-two audiotaped medical encounters with Turkish migrant patients, eleven with and eleven without an informal interpreter, were coded using the Verona Coding Definitions of Emotional Sequences (VR-CoDES) and the Verona Codes for Provider Responses (VR-CoDES-P).RESULTS: In encounters with informal interpreters, patients expressed less emotional concerns than in encounters without informal interpreters. Only half of all patients' cues is being translated by the informal interpreter to the GP.  

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