Benefits of sourcing Cell Products†from New Zealand

New Zealand's strict bio-security controls ensure that the country has none of the animal diseases that are common elsewhere in the world, especially in Europe.† These include rabies, scrapie, foot and mouth, BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy),OSE (Ovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) and sheep pox. All export product has New Zealand Government certification.
New Zealand is nuclear-free, and has an environment that is free of many of the pollutants, such as acid rain, that affect Europe and America.
Running secure farming operations in remote areas, ensures total control over the animals' welfare and breeding programmes.††There is†a fully chemical free regime, reinforced by regular veterinarian inspections designed to cull unsuitable animals.†
The sheep are†raised outside all year†and not given any of the reconstituted animal supplements that are common in Europe and America.† Their organic feed consists solely of the properties grasses, herbs, and spring water, ensuring that the animals are not exposed to any environmental toxins.

Production Process

The company has a rigorous quality control programme with internal and external systems; from pasture and environmental control to export protocols, to ensure the productís purity:†
††††††††† The fetii are taken from selected older ewes that have been bred with prime performing rams
††††††††† The process has been authorised by animal ethics and rights committees
††††††††† Fetal status has been confirmed by University Veterinary School staff
††††††††† The processing plant has full USA, EU, and Halal export certification

††††††††† The product is tested in Government and independent laboratories for viral and bacteriological contamination from samples taken at the time of extraction and twice during processing
††††††††† The product is maintained under MAF security and control from the time the sheep enter the plant, including the bio-secure exportprocess.

††††††††† All documentation is certified by MAF veterinarians.

††††††††† Each export document certificate is unique and addressed to the individual end user providing a bio-security audit trail.

††††††††† Each vacuum sealed vial contains approximately 10gm of product that has been lyophilised

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