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Ovitech is a New Zealand owned and operated company producing lyophilised stem cells and fetal tissues from fetal lamb material from sheep reared under natural conditions in New Zealand.

Cell therapy using tissues and ultimately stem cells derived from animals has been used for over 3,000 years, with applications recorded in documents from India , China , and Egypt . Paracelcus, the famous 16th Century physician, made the statement “Like cures like”, encapsulating the entire concept.

Ageing causes a natural reduction in the numbers of cells in the body's organs, while disease, stress, pollution, drugs, environment, and diet affect the speed of this process. While the external factors of ageing can be cosmetically controlled, the body needs assistance to negate its internal deterioration. The energy potential of fetal cells and stem cells is much greater than that of adult cells because they are intact and unused.

Lyophilised fetal cells and stem cell products are naturally absorbed into the blood stream. Each organ type emits a unique distress signal that is recognised by the body's repair mechanisms, which include circulating macrophages. Macrophages assist organs in replacing cells that are damaged by transporting organ specific stem cell therapy components to the correct organs and by also assisting in chemical signalling processes that moderate organ cell regeneration.

Ovitech’s fetal cell and stem cell material is taken at a carefully controlled stage of fetal lamb maturity to minimise the potential antigenicity that exists with material taken from post natal animal and human tissue.


The fetal cell and stem cell tissues are produced to provide holistic support for organ groups. We recognise the need for gender specific material and thus all placenta and sexual organ material is gender orientated.


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